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Photo-ageing is the result of damage to collagen and elastin from the sun.  It occurs as a result of the UVA rays that radiate from the sun, as well as UVB rays and penetrate the skin.  Collagen and Elastin are the structural components of the skin, they provide skin strength and elasticity, and retain the youthful appearance of the skin.

The best natural sun protection is Zinc Oxide, it is an inorganic mineral and is not absorbed into the skin like some nano-particles, but sits on the surface creating a shield against the sun’s rays, offering good sun protection ranging from SPF 2 – 45.  It has a long history of safe and effective long term use.

Toulou Organics Skincare’s face crème products contain zinc oxide, which assist to block this portion of the UVA spectrum, especially the UVA1 rays.   Zinc oxide can virtually block the entire UVA and UVB spectrum if it is in high quantity within the product, this would give you the ‘Bondi beach surfer’ look (white chalk appearance).  We recommend using additional sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type to gain full protection.

The key to effective sun protection, is to combine the organic ingredients with the inorganic components and nourish and protect your skin from the sun.

Toulou Organics Skincare products contain various organic and cold pressed oils that have natural sun protection:  Raspberry Seed Oil – SPF 28-50, Jojoba Oil – SPF 4-8, Shea Butter – SPF 4, Sesame Seed Oil – SPF 4, Avocado Oil – SPF 4, Green Tea Extract and Camellia Oil both reportedly block cancer causing changes in the skin caused by the UVA and UVB rays.

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