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Our Ethos

Toulou Organics Skincare source certified organic ingredients from around the globe. Where organic is not an option we use cold-pressed and wild-crafted ingredients. Why?  Because they retain their vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals etc; after harvest.

Plants in their many guises: essential oils, fruit oils, vegetable oils and butters all contain therapeutic properties beneficial to the skin.  Each plant has its own signature aroma, when blended together they omit beautiful aromas that stimulate your senses.

Our unique and exotic blends of crèmes, oils and butters, some of which have won awards are created for their nutritional and moisturising benefits that feed and ‘Enhance Your Skin Naturally’.

Toulou Organics Skincare values:

• We believe in certified organic, cold pressed and wild-crafted ingredients.

• Why? Because of their Therapeutic benefits to the skin, especially sensitive and ageing skin.

• Our strap line is ‘Enhance Your Skin Naturally’:

‘Enhance’ means to improve, increase, boost, enrich, heighten.

‘Naturally’ means by nature, happening or existing as part of nature, without artificial aid or treatment.

When you use Toulou Organics Skincare we believe you will enjoy the experience with noticeable results.

Our Journey

Toulou Organics Skincare’s journey to unearth the natural secrets of healthier looking skin began in June 2006. Our mission was to research the different fruit oils, vegetables oils and butters and essential oils that exist in ‘Mother Nature’s garden’ and to bring them together to create wonderful blends of rich, nourishing organic infusions, perfect to promote healthy skin.

It all began because the creator of Toulou Organics Skincare, Andrea Lawrence suffered extreme dry skin and had hands that reflected a middle-aged woman as early as her 20’s. She constantly carried products to moisturise her hands numerous times during the day that were ineffective and even worse in the winter months.

Toulou Organics Skincare started with a pot of Shea Butter, then added a few essential oils and decided this was not enough, to be the ‘wow’ product. This followed years of research and trained as an aromatherapist, making many samples, testing them on family and friends, with positive results.

In 2012, we launched a full range of Toulou Organics Skincare products, and won the ‘Free From Skincare Award 2014 – Gold Award’ for our ‘Nourishing Body Creme’, the ‘Highly Commended – Natural Health International Beauty Award 2015’ for our ‘Youthful Face Oil’ and ‘Shortlisted in the Free From Skincare Award 2015’ for our Organic Daily Cleanser and Rejuvenating Face Creme.

Toulou Organics Skincare believes in using only the finest ingredients for our products. Such ingredients, sourced from around the globe, retain their beneficial and therapeutic properties namely, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F & G, and minerals. These properties feed your skin from the outside in with essential nutrients that restore its natural balance and achieves healthy skin. We also believe it is essential to feed your skin from the inside out with the same EFA’s, antioxidants and vitamins to achieve optimum skin health.