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Mesotherapy is a treatment that delivers naturally occurring nourishing ingredients including vitamins, amino-acids and minerals to the middle layers of the skin where cell repair and growth occurs, these are all essential components for healthy skin cells.   All the ingredients used naturally occur in the skin but degrade as our skin becomes older and/or stressed.

Recommended for: Dull, tired looking, dry and lifeless skin, manages superficial wrinkles, age spots and melasma, ideal for pre- or post-operative skin conditioning.

Advantages: Mesotherapy replaces naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients, skin becomes luminescent, hydrated, nourished and firmer with an improved texture.

Description: Mesotherapy treatments are delivered through superficial injections done by hand or with an injection device.  For sensitive areas anaesthetic cream can be used prior to the treatment to reduce any pain.


*Side effects can include minimal bruising and swelling but ice packs can be applied to reduce these. There are very few contraindications but include a known allergy to components in the proposed mesotherapy cocktail, pregnancy, breastfeeding, keloid scarring, active infection or malignancy



Melasma Course of 1 x 45mins, Melasma Course of 8 x 45mins, Faces Course of 1 x 45mins, Faces Course of 8 x 45mins

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